Timetable and draw


1000 – 1730 Open ringing (each team follows a bespoke itinerary)

1100 – 1600 Contest ringing (Method ringing bands compete at All Saints; Call change bands compete at St Martin’s)

1800 – 1830 Results

1900 – 2100 Evening social event

Method Ringing

1st1100 Sussex Young Ringers
2nd1120 D&N Young Ringers
3rd1140 ODG
4th1200 Yorkshire Tykes
5th1220 The G & B
6th1240 W & P Youths

Call Changes

1st1100 Worcester Cathedral
2nd1120 Young@Herts
3rd1140 Coventry Spires
4th1200 Rising Ringers
5th1220 Go Bellistic!
6th1240 Essex Young Eagles
7th1300 The G & B
8th1320 Bath & Wells DA
9th1340 Derbyshire Young Ringers
10th1400 Lincolnshire Poachers
11th1420 Kent Young Ringers Y
12th1440 Kent Young Ringers R
13th1500 Surrey Strikers
14th1520 Bucks and Berks Young Ringers
15th1540 Cadbury Red Roses (Brum & Lancs)


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