RWNYC2018 – Results

The Ringing World National Youth Contest 2018 was held in London on Saturday 7th July.

Congratulations to the winners, winning the Gold Medal for the Call Changes category and winners of the Whitechapel Trophy: the Sussex Young Ringers, with an A grade for their ringing.

In second place, the winners of the Method Ringing category and the Ringing World Editor’s Trophy for Excellence, are the Oxford Diocesan Guild (A-).

The following teams also reached the Final:

5= Fen Tigers:B

5= Young @ Herts: B

3= Bedfordshire Young Ringers: B+

3= Yorkshire Tykes: B+


The complete results from the qualifiers are as follows:

Cubitt Town

Guildford DG Young Ringers (CC): C-

Kent Young Ringers (PH7): B

Sussex Young Ringers (CC): A

Go Bellistic! (Salisbury DG) (CC): C

Coventry Spires (PH7): B-

Lincolnshire Gamekeepers (CC): D+

Oxford DG (PB7): B+

Linconshire Poachers (CC): B-


St George in the East

Berks and Bucks Young Ringers (CC): D+

Young@Herts (CC): A-

Fen Tigers (PB7): A-

The G&B (PB7): B

Leicester Rising Ringers (CC): B+

W&P Youths (CC): C+

Bath and Wells (PH7): C


Hart Street

Essex Young Eagles (CC): B+

Surrey Young Ringers (CC): D

Bedfordshire Young Ringers (CC): A

Worcester Cathedral (CC): C+

Yorkshire Tykes (PB7): A

Derbyshire Young Ringers (CC): B

Brumdingers (CC): D


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