Worcester Cathedral Teaching Centre (8 dumbbells, approx 5cwt)

What’s happening here?

1000 – 1400 Pre-allocated Slots
Each team will be allocated a 20 minute slot in the teaching centre. We suggest groups of between 8 and 10 people. Members of the local band will be on hand to help you get the most from the centre. The Abel software provides a perfect ringing environment. You can use it to ring anything from rounds to advanced methods on twelve or more bells. It doesn’t go wrong and if you do all you have to do is start again!

The Cathedral’s Teaching Centre was the only one of its kind in the world until it was copied by our friends at Adelaide Cathedral. It comprises eight dumb-bells which are connected to Abel software by a ‘magic box’ designed by David Bagley. Each dumb-bell has a big wheel so it feels like a bell of about five hundredweight. The Centre cost about £35,000 to build. The dumb-bells can be used by eight individuals each ringing their own thing, or as a ring of bells via speakers. The Teaching Centre is a play pit where you can do just about anything from teaching bell handling to ringing the most advanced methods. And the best thing is that it really improves your listening skills. The Petit and Fritsen bells, which hang on the metal tree are a memorial to Jonathan Hughes who died in 2005. Jonathan was only 22 when he died and his family gave us these small bells as the Cathedral’s bells were is favourite ring of 12

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