RWNYC 2015 in Oxford

The 2015 contest was held on Saturday 11th July in Oxford with The G. & B. winning the method competition and Bedfordshire winning the call change competition as well as retaining the Whitechapel Trophy again. Well done to all that took part


The winning Bedfordshire Band

Call Changes category:
Place Team Grade
1st Bedfordshire A*
2nd= Derbyshire YR A
Sussex Young Ringers A
4th= Young @ Herts B
Worcester Cathedral B
Lincolnshire Poachers B
Ely DA Young Ringers B
3 Spires B
 10th= St Martin’s Youth C
Tartan Spartans C
Essex Young Eagles C
Coventry Spires C
 14th= Bath & Wells C-
Vectis Youths C-
Lincolnshire Gamekeepers C-
Method category:
Place Team Grade
1st The G. & B. A
2nd = Yorkshire Tykes A-
Oxford D.G. A-

The Whitechapel Trophy

2022 contest
2nd July

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