Sincere thanks are due to everyone who has helped to make this year’s contest a success, and in particular to:

  • the local organising team of Len Mitchell, Fr Simon Fisher and Hamish Corfield;
  • the four judges for working so hard and listening to the test pieces over an 8-hour period;
  • Dave Richards for installing the sound feed and providing HawkEar data to the judges throughout the day;
  • all of the stewards and helpers;
  • the incumbents and local ringers at all of the towers for allowing us to ring;
  • the authorities at St Nicholas Pier Head for so generously allowing us the use of the church and facilities for the whole day;
  • Tom Hinks for running the handbell workshop;
  • Ian McCallion who has very generously made the HawkEar software available to this year’s contest free-of-charge;
  • the Girdlers’ Company for their very generous financial support of this year’s contest;
  • the Team Leaders for organising, motivating and coaching the teams;
  • you, the participants, for taking part.

London 2024

6th July 2024

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