Covid guidelines

There is clearly a diverse set of opinions about the relaxation of restrictions – many towers have been ringing without masks for several weeks, whilst others are taking a much more cautious approach. We want to make the day as safe as possible for everyone – children and adults – attending, but without imposing unreasonable and unpolicable restrictions.

These guidelines have been discussed and agreed with the CCCBR Covid team, the RW and the local organisers. I realise that whatever we do, it will not be universally popular. The risk assessment is also available for download.

Here are some facts, and what we are requesting:

  • The local organisers have confirmed that all venues and towers are well ventilated.
    • The stewards have been asked to restrict the number of people in a tower at any one time to twice the number of bells at that tower. This may mean that wait times at some towers are slightly longer, and we ask that you as team leaders help to manage expectations.
  • The room being used for the results has a capacity of 600, but we are expecting around half that number to attend on Saturday. We will arrange the seating so that teams are socially distanced from each other.
    • The results will last approximately 30 minutes.
    • Medals will be collected rather than placed around necks – in a similar way to the Olympics and Paralympics this year.
  • We ask that all those attending – children and adults – take a Lateral Flow Test no more than 48 hours prior to the event. Anyone with a positive test or with any symptoms should not attend. We know that all children returning to school are required to have a mandatory test.
  • We recognise that some teams who have no substitutes may find themselves without a full contest band if a positive test occurs during the week. If you find yourself in this position, please contact me and I will see if any teams with similar itineraries have any spare ringers they might lend you.
  • As per the CCCBR’s current Covid guidance, facemasks are expected – but not mandatory – if ringing with unvaccinated ringers (i.e. all children). It is not expected that the young ringers will wear facemasks when ringing their contest test piece, although they may choose to do so if they wish.

I hope that these requests do not cause you and your team too many issues, and that by sticking to them we can have a safe and enjoyable day on Saturday.

David Hull 6/9/2021

London 2024

6th July 2024

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