Method Ringing (All Saints), competing for the Whitechapel Trophy

PositionTeam NameScore
1Oxford D G (listen)9
2Sussex Young Ringers8
3D&N Young Ringers7.5
4=Yorkshire Tykes7
6W & P Youths6

Call Changes (St Martin in the Cornmarket), competing for the Ringing World Editor’s Trophy for Excellence

PositionTeam NameScore
1Kent Young Ringers (Y) (listen)9
2Essex Young Eagles8.5
3=Worcester Cathedral8
3=G & B8
5=Bath & Wells D A7.5
5=Kent Young Ringers (R)7.5
8=Lincolnshire Poachers7
8=Surrey Strikers7
10=Rising Ringers6.5
10=Derbyshire Young Ringers6.5
12=Coventry Spires6
12=Go Bellistic!6
14=Bucks and Berks5.5
14=Cadbury Red Roses5.5

The ringing at All Saints was judged by Chief Judge Chris Poole and Assistant Judges Estella Haynes and Daniel Jarvis.

The ringing at St Martin in the Cornmarket was judged by Assistant Chief Judge Jo Knight and Assistant Judges Ewan Hull and Matthew Pearson.

Judging was assisted by the use of HawkEar, developed by Ian McCallion and operated on the day by David Richards and Matthew Thewsey.

London 2024

6th July 2024

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