Safeguarding Guidelines

The current version of our safeguarding documents for the 2023 York Contest is available here (updated 17/6/2023).


The Ringing World Ltd acknowledges the duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of the young people participating in the RWNYC and is committed to ensuring that

  •  our safeguarding procedures reflect statutory responsibilities and comply with best practice.
  •  all participants in the contest have a positive and enjoyable experience and are protected from abuse whilst participating in the contest.

All team leaders must sign a declaration confirming that

  • they have consent from the parents/guardians of all of their team members aged under 18 for them to take part in the Contest.
  • they have agreed with the parents/guardians of all of their team members aged under 18 that they will take responsibility for the duty of care of said team members throughout the day.
  • the parents/guardians of all of their team members aged under 18 agree that the names of team members, and any photographs taken of them, may be published by The Ringing World and may be used for associated publicity purposes which may include, but is not limited to The Ringing World print publication, website and social media sites. If full consent has not been received in this regard, the team leader will have agreed in writing with the RW Editor and the RWNYC Organiser the exceptional conditions and necessary actions, at least two weeks before the Contest.

General safeguarding guidelines issued by the Central Council of Church Bellringers are followed. In particular there will always be least 2 responsible adults (ideally 1 male/1 female) in any tower where open ringing is taking place.

The Safeguarding Officer for the host guild or association (or another appropriately qualified person) is consulted about the arrangements for each contest during the planning stage. Where possible this person will be present on the day, or available by phone to ensure that appropriate action can be taken in the event of incidents/concerns.

Names of contestants, the adult responsible for the team and all volunteers assisting on the day as stewards or in other roles are submitted one month before the contest to the Contest Organiser, who will carry out reasonable checks.

These guidelines are reviewed annually.

Reviewed, updated and approved by the RW Board. February 2020

PDF Copy: rwnyc-safeguarding-guidelines

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