St Olave, Marygate

stolaveWhat’s happening here?

1130 – 1330   Ringing for teams
   1130 – 1215   Focus: Cambridge S Minor
   1245 – 1330   Focus: Stedman Doubles

The Parish Church of St Olave in the ancient city of York has the distinction of being the most ancient foundation in the British Isles dedicated in honour of Olaf King of Norway. There was a church on this site within three decades of his death at the battle of Stiklestad. From that church grew the Benedictine Community who built and occupied St Mary’s Abbey until the dissolution of the monasteries. During the English Civil War the government of the country was focussed for a short while on Kings Manor with in the parish. Long before all these things, somewhere within or near the parish boundaries Constantine was declared Emperor and the nature of the Christian Church was changed for ever.

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