Worcester Cathedral (12 bells 48-0-2 in B)


What’s happening here?

1430 – 1700  Ringing Workshop
Run by Worcester’s young ringers for all young ringers to experience these fine bells
1700 – 1730 Evensong Ringing
A band of young ringers chosen from the workshop will ring for Evensong


Worcester Cathedral has one of the finest rings of bells in the world. The bells are frequently rung for Church and Civic occasions by the Guild of Bellringers. The bells hang in a wooden frame, called the wigwam, which sits on top of a Victorian wooden structure inside the stone tower. Frame and tower movement makes the bells a tough physical challenge. However, the magnificent noise is worth all the effort. There are also three semitone bells which give two extra octaves in E and C#. The ropes for bells 2 and 6 in the C# octave are outside the natural circle. The stunning harmonic minor ten are rung on special occasions such as Good Friday, Remembrance, Armistice and New Year’s Eve. The staircase to the tower is in the north transept and is a long climb.

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